How do I know if I should become a client and sign up for a coaching service - or just purchase a one-off option instead?

Choosing between one-off and ongoing services depends on your goals and experience level. One-off services are suitable for people with a track record of excellent adherence, while ongoing services provide continuous support, education and accountability for long-term progress and sustainable results for those who have struggled to achieve this alone! We can discuss your goals and recommend the most suitable option before signing up if you get in touch.

What is the difference between each coaching service?

Please see our coaching services page for a full rundown of what each service includes. Unsure which one is right for you? Here's a guide:

NUTRITION: The food we eat in our diet determines things like our body fat, weight loss/gain, energy levels, and provides the necessary nutrients for our bodies to function correctly and optimally. Your diet boots your immunity and keeps your skin, hair, and nails healthy. If you are also training, it will determine how much muscle we can grow. Do your goals include weight loss or gain, muscle growth, feeling healthier, improving your relationship with food, or anything related to the way you look in the mirror? Then we recommend choosing a package that includes nutrition.

TRAINING: Exercise influences things like our mental health, fitness levels, cardiovascular health, strength and muscle growth. While our diet determines our body fat, our training determines what's going on underneath. The "toned" look you hear people talking about refers to building muscle via your training, and then managing the ability to see that muscle with your diet. Do your goals include feeling fitter, more confident in the gym, building muscle, looking 'toned', or improving your technique? Then we recommend choosing a package that includes training.

What happens once I sign up?

When you sign up, you will immediately be invited to join our app via email. Once you have set up your account and logged in, our onboarding coach will message you from within the app on the same day to assign you a new client questionnaire to fill out and to book an optional onboarding call.

In this call we will determine which coach will be the right fit for you based on your goals and personality. After your call, you will receive an intro video from your assigned coach with your first round of meal plans and/or training plans, and a guide on how to use the app.

How long does it take to get my programs/ plans once I sign-up?

Since all of our plans are built and customised from scratch, it may take up to two working days from your initial sign-up/ questionnaire to receive your first plan and/or program. We will always aim to have you set-up to start the following Monday.

Will I receive some sort of handbook if I sign up for coaching?

Yes! After your onboarding call, your assigned coach will provide you with our client handbook. This is a PDF document over 40 pages long filled with tips, tricks, hacks, cheat sheets and how-tos.

Our one-off meal plan bundles/ training programs come with a more compact, summarised version of this handbook.

How personalised are the plans?

Our plans are highly personalised to cater to each person. We take into account your current health status, dietary preferences, fitness level, schedule, budget and goals, to develop nutrition and exercise plans that are both effective and enjoyable for you.

If weight loss is my goal, how much weight will I lose?

Weight loss is highly individual and depends on various factors such as your current weight, body composition, metabolism, adherence to the program, and lifestyle habits. For sustainable weight loss, we aim for around 0.5kg per week. We'll work together to set realistic goals and track different types of metrics because scale weight doesn't always dictate your overall physique or progress.

How will I see progress?

Progress can be tracked through various means such as progress pictures, changes in body measurements, weight, fitness assessments, performance improvements, and overall well-being. We'll establish what metrics we should track in relation to your goals and regularly evaluate your progress together to ensure you're on track and moving at a good pace. The more consistent you are, the more progress you will see.

How can I see the best progress?

The best progress is achieved through a combination of personalised nutrition plans, tailored exercise programs, consistent effort, and a commitment to healthy lifestyle habits. By following our recommendations, staying accountable, and making sustainable changes, you'll optimise your chances of attaining your goals efficiently and effectively. For many, this may look like getting up earlier, less alcohol, more movement, less takeaways. However, all of our clients are happier with their lifestyles compared to before. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Can I do a trial?

Unfortunately due to the amount of time and effort that goes into an initial plan and client onboarding, we are unable to provide trials. Many of our clients would be more than happy to talk to you about their experience with us. Reach out if you’d like to us make this happen!

My routine has changed from when I signed up. What should I do?

In life, change happens! Our routines are always changing, so your health and fitness routine should be changing with you. The more you communicate with your coach the better. If you sign up and after a few weeks realise you may need something changed to better suit you, communicate this with your coach. They will be happy to make the relevant changes. Need easier meals? More/ less training sessions? Although ultimately different results require different choices, it is not your job to fit your routine around the plan we give you. It is our job to create a plan that works with your routine. From there, it's up to you to make it happen!

Where are you based?

We are based in New Zealand. Our clients are mostly NZ based however we can create meal plans using data bases form the UK, US, Australia and Canada. We have clients using our training programs all over the world.


How/ when can I contact my coach?

You can message your coach any time via the Own Online Studio app. You are assured a reply the same or following business day. We also offer an optional weekly coaching call that you can book in with your coach at your convenience.

What’s included in my weekly check-in?

This is a video you will receive from your coach and is generally a screen recording around 3-5 minutes long. Your coach will go over your weekly check-in form that our clients use to reflect on their week including things they did well and things they want to improve on. Your coach will also go over any metrics, progress photos, adherence, and provide motivation, education and guidance. If relevant your check-in will also go over your next round of meal plans with any tips and tricks on how to prepare the selected meals.

Do I have to do my check-in every week?

Yes, you must complete your check in form to receive your fortnightly plans and weekly feedback. It would be unsafe for us to continue to prescribe meal plans and feedback if we do not know how your body is responding or how you are feeling. The form should take no longer than 3 minutes every week. The check-in also provides a space to make meal requests so we can make your plans yummy and enjoyable for you.

Do I have to do a coaching call every week?

No, these are completely optional every week.

What can I expect from a coaching call with my coach?

When you book a call with your coach, you can leave a note with what you'd like to discuss! This could look like things you are currently struggling to implement, to share your wins, or to ask questions! Our aim is to always leave our clients feeling empowered and motivated after a call.

Can I request a certain coach?

No, your coach is assigned to you based on your goals and our availability at the time.


How do the meal plans work?

Every fortnight, you’ll receive two full day meal plans. Since your coach makes these based on your personal request form, it is not easy/ fast to create more (you can add more for an additional fee). Once you receive your meal plans, you can decide how long you want to spend on one. This could look like 7 days on each or swapping every 3-4 days. We provide the variety like this because they need to be followed separately - e.g. you can't mix and match the lunch from plan 1 with the dinner from plan 2. We recommend cooking fresh twice per week.

So do I have to eat the same thing multiple days in a row?

Yes, that's why we offer two different fortnightly meal plans—to keep things exciting throughout the week. You can switch between them, ensuring your week's never dull. We always find ways to help you mix it up, for example "one piece of any fruit" as a snack option, so you've got some variety.

Unlike other coaches who stick you with the same meal plan for one whole week (some even for months at a time), we're all about keeping it fresh. Our clients love their meal prep routine - it saves them time and money because they only buy what they need for the supermarket. Plus, if there's something specific you're craving, tell us! You'll see it in your plan the following fortnight.

Some people claim they need a new option every single day. Well, that can get pricey at the supermarket, lead to too many takeout orders or way too much time in the kitchen. With us, you can enjoy the same meal a couple of days in a row and still feel great about it. It's all about feeling healthier, looking better, and saving time and money.

Think of it like this: if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting the same results. But you're here because you want something different, right? That's why we create custom meal plans tailored to your goals, tastes, and needs - from scratch. Want to keep your Saturday night glass of wine? We can make that happen! You shouldn't feel restricted, however if you'd like to receive an additional meal plan every fortnight to keep your menu fresh and exciting, we do have an option in the check-in to add an extra meal plan for that fortnight for an additional fee.

Can I get more meal plans every fortnight?

Absolutely! We understand that preferences may evolve over time, so we offer flexibility in our meal plan subscription options. If you'd like to receive an additional meal plan every fortnight to keep your menu fresh and exciting, we do have an option in the check-in to add an extra meal plan for that fortnight for an additional fee.

Do I have to track/ weigh my food?

Think of tracking your food like baking a cake. Without measuring out the ingredients you can’t ensure the cake will rise or even taste very nice. Tracking our food can help us get to our desired outcome quicker and keeps you and the coach informed every step of the way. While it is highly recommended, it is not compulsory. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss this further. 

What sort of food can I expect on my plan?

While we do have a menu style meal library that can assist you in making your requests each week, it is entirely up to you. Each fortnight you’ll have a meal request form where you can choose from a list, or request whatever you like. Examples from our clients might be magnums for dessert every night, cheesy bacon pasta or even burgers! You won’t be seeing any chicken and rice around here (unless you request it, of course!).

What if I have an event that I want to go off plan for?

With enough notice, your coach will provide support around any events or off-plan meals that may come up from time to time, and help you navigate them to stay on track. This could look like helping you select from the menu ahead of time and guiding you through what to swap on your meal plan, or giving you the best take away options for your goal if you leave your meal prep at home by mistake! How strict or 'on track' you want to be is always up to you. This is optional, as although consistent adherence provides faster results, we understand that life is for living, and that sometimes you may just want to enjoy an event without it being the most 'optimal'.

Do you do meal plans for couples?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on coaching services including nutrition for couples who eat and cook together. However, it can be a misconception that we just ‘copy and paste’ this for your partner. Your coach will still have to monitor both of your progress separately and also personalise each recipe to the correct macro requirements for you both individually. You will both have separate check-ins and accounts with your coach, but enjoy the same meals so you can save money on the grocery bill! Email us to request your couples only discount!

What if I cook for other people?

If you're responsible for preparing meals for other people, such as family members or roommates, you can request your meals to accommodate their dietary preferences and needs as well. Just let us know in your meal request forms.

Will my grocery shop be expensive?

Our meal plans are designed to be both nutritious and budget-friendly. We prioritise matching your requests with ingredients readily available at most grocery stores. Ways you can keep the costs down is by requesting cheaper meat options, frozen vegetables, and meals that use up what you have left at home. Our clients have found that they spend less on groceries, takeaways and alcohol while they are with us too as they only buy what they need! Most of them end up saving money.

I’m gluten free, dairy free, etc. Can I still join?

Absolutely! We welcome clients with various dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and more. Our personalised approach ensures that your meal plans are tailored to accommodate your specific dietary needs while still meeting your health and fitness goals. Just let us know your dietary requirements during our consultation, and we'll create meal plans that suit your lifestyle and preferences.

I'm pregnant/ breastfeeding, can I still join?

Yes. We have coaches who specialise in this. Your coach will work closely with you.

Do you offer meal plans without the coaching subscription?

Yes! Click 'one off options' from the menu and see our meal plan bundles for more information.

I find seeing the numbers a little triggering, can I still join?

Yes, we can create meal plans with no numbers or weights visible. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific situation, we would love to help you.

Do I have to do meal plans if weight loss is my goal?

It is highly recommended! Training/ exercise is fantastic for our overall mental and physical wellness, as well as our cardiovascular fitness, muscle growth and strength. It can certainly contribute to weight loss, but what we eat is the biggest dictator of our body fat. Through tracking food we can guarantee results. We cannot guarantee weight loss results with just training/ exercise.


What sort of training can I do?

We specialise in training programs that can be done in the gym (or at home). We have beginner friendly programs all the way through to advanced programs for those who have physique, fitness, or sports specific goals.

How will I know what weight to use in the gym?

If you are a beginner, your coach will help you identify this by asking you how hard the exercise was out of 10 with the lightest option. Your weight should make you work for those last few reps (without compromising your form). Every week you can ask your coach for recommendations based on what you lifted the week prior - this is optional.

How will I know if I am doing an exercise correctly?

The exercises in our app all come with a video of one of our coaches demonstrating the exercise with cues and form tips. We encourage our clients to film their sets during their session so they can send it to their coach for feedback.

Can I swap exercises?

Yes! If you are given an exercise you do not have the equipment available for, do not enjoy, or is just a little too advanced to begin with, you can ask your coach if they can swap it for something more suitable. We take pride in how personalised every program we write is.

Can I send form videos to my coach?

Yes, this is highly encouraged.

I am nervous about filming in the gym, what should I do?

Although we encourage our clients to send us form videos, it is not compulsory and our clients are not pressured to film themselves in the gym. This is something that we can work with you individually on along with gym confidence in general. It's about baby steps, perhaps starting small filming only one set and hiding your phone behind a drink bottle.

Do I need a training plan to lose weight?

No, you do not need to exercise to lose weight. We have had many successful clients join our nutrition only coaching service, however, exercise can help contribute to weight loss and wellbeing.

Do you offer training programs without the coaching subscription?

Yes! Click 'one off options' from the menu and see our training programs for more information.

subscriptions/ payment

If I don’t use my meal plan or exercise program do I still have to pay?

Yes. This is because we have spent the time creating it and you could use it at a later date. If you didn't use your gym for a week, they will still charge your payment regardless - we are no different.

What is the minimum commitment?

All of our coaching services are an 8 week minimum commitment. Except for special circumstances, you cannot cancel during this time.

How do I cancel?

After your initial 8 weeks are up, you can choose to continue on as a client for as long as you like. If you decide you'd like to cancel your subscription, you can let your coach know. We require two weeks notice, in writing. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Can I go on hold if something comes up?

Yes. Every client has four weeks of ‘holding’ to use up over a calendar year. While on hold you will not be charged, or recieve a service. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Can I go on hold while I'm on holiday/ travelling?

Yes, but you don't have to! We can create regular or travel friendly (kitchenless) meal plans for anywhere in NZ, UK, US, Australia and Canada. We also have hotel room workouts that can be done from anywhere via your app. Your coach can work with you around accountability while away to support you in making good choices while dining out. With enough notice, we can always adapt to you and your routine. You are also welcome to simply go on hold if you'd prefer. See the question above for more info on this.

Can I change the coaching service I'm on?

Yes, however you must provide two weeks notice. This cannot be done in your first 8 weeks.

Can I pay in another currency if I am overseas?

We currently only offer NZD payments.

Do you offer afterpay?

Yes! However this is only for our one-off options. Afterpay does not cover any of our coaching services.